Areas of Practice

My law offices take on various general matters, and there are areas in which I have more extensive experience. I enjoy working with
clients to acheive their unique goals, and I believe
court.gifthat there is no substitute for hard work and persistence.

Real Estate

The acquisition, ownership, and management of real estate can generate numerous legal issues. I have represented a wide range of real estate investors, landlords, tenants, owners’ associations, and franchise operators. Properties we have attended to include strip malls, franchise restaurants, condominiums, office buildings, animal hospitals, family farms, mobile home parks, and various other commercial and residential properties. Issues can range from detainer proceedings to lease negotiations and re-negotiations to complex issues arising from joint ownership.

Business Transactions

Putting the deal together, re-organizing, bringing in a new partner, selling the business – I have represented business owners throughout the life stages of a company. These include start-up matters, such as choice of entity, agreements between business partners, and issues pertaining to business management. Likewise, I have represented clients in the purchase and sale of the going concern and have assisted clients with negotiating and preparing agency and employment agreements.

Estate Planning

I am proud to advise and assist clients as to their donative and testamentary wishes. Realizing that there is no such thing as a “simple will,” I ask many questions to make sure I understand the client’s goals. I welcome the opportunity to work with family advisors such as financial planners, trustees, and accountants. Clients benefit from our close relationships with attorneys who specialize in gift and estate tax.


The passing of a family member or friend is difficult enough without the attendant tasks of tying up loose ends and keeping the family business afloat. Oftentimes, sensitive family or partnership issues complicate the situation further.

The legal issues that pertain to the probate of wills, the claims of creditors, and the transfer of assets can be complicated, and some courts in Tennessee actually require that the fiduciary be represented. I am experienced in counseling trustees and executors in all phases of the administration process.


Disputes and dispute resolution require judgment, persistence, and attention to detail. I strive to achieve the client’s goals and when reasonable discussions have broken down, I have secured favorable judgments for clients in civil courts in Tennessee.

Debt Relief

Recent economic trends have left many hard-working individuals with debt issues. Although I do not practice bankruptcy law, many clients have benefitted from my ability to negotiate and settle accounts. We have found that lenders can be more amenable to work-outs when the borrower is represented by counsel.

Criminal Law & Divorce

My law office takes on criminal matters and divorces on a selective basis. I have represented clients in the general sessions, circuit, criminal, and chancery courts of Maury, Marshall, Lawrence, Williamson, Rutherford, and Davidson Counties and the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals.



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